Kayaking Nelligen Creek

Exploring Nelligen Creek

We love this route because Nelligen Creek is narrower than the Clyde River and you feel more immersed in nature. There are big eucalyptus trees reaching over the banks, ducks and jellyfish in the water, and sometimes even kangaroos lazing on the river banks. Plus you get to paddle under the Nelligen Bridge. Check out the other wildlife in Nelligen you can see here. This is a fairly short paddle and should take 40 – 60 minutes return journey. If you would like to hire a kayak or canoe, give us a call on 0436 016 856.


Kayaking Conditions

To explore Nelligen Creek it must be high tide in order to float past the shallows. Check with the friendly Nelligen Kayak Hire crew before heading out. We won’t allow kayak hire in any adverse conditions. Or plan for the best time yourself at Willy Weather – https://tides.willyweather.com.au/nsw/south-coast/clyde-river–nelligen.html.


Nelligen Directions

Launch from the Nelligen Boat Ramp and head towards the Bridge, keeping on the left side of the Clyde River. Go underneath the bridge and keep paddling until you reach the Big 4 Nelligen Holiday Park on your left. Just beyond this is Nelligen Creek which curves off to the left.

Paddle down here – note it must be high tide to be able to access Nelligen Creek, otherwise you’ll get stuck in the sand! As you venture down the creek, on the right bank there are (sometimes) kangaroos lazing in the grass so keep a look out for them.

Follow the creek as it gently curves to the right and becomes more narrow. You can’t get lost as there’s only one way! You will be parallel to the Kings Highway to Canberra on your left. Eventually you’ll reach a low bridge that connects to the River Road. This is the turn around point and you can follow the same path back to Nelligen Boat Ramp.


Kayaking Safety

  • All paddlers must be wearing a life jacket at all times and we provide these in various sizes.
  • If you haven’t kayaked before, we provide instructions on how to paddle and address any questions you may have.
  • Remember to paddle near the river banks as water craft will use the deep water in the middle of the river. If you want to cross to the other side of the river, head directly across.


Before You Head Out

  • Make sure you bring a bottle of water each and apply sunscreen (especially on the legs!) before heading out.
  • We provide you with a dry bag if you’d like to bring a phone, keys, snacks or anything else you’d like to keep safe from the water. Food and drink can be bought from the River Cafe.
  • If you need the toilet, there is a public toilet over the road from the River Cafe.
  • Note that in Nelligen only Telstra gets mobile reception.


When You Return

After returning your kayak and gear, give yourself a pat on the back and reward yourself with a scoop of ice cream or hot chips from the River Cafe.

And if you’ve had a great time don’t forget to leave a review for Nelligen Kayak Hire on Tripadvisor, Facebook or Google Maps. We’re also on Instagram and you can use the hashtag #nelligenkayakhire for your groovy pics.