Kayaking Gift Vouchers

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Can’t think of what to get someone for their birthday? Looking to say thank you or reward someone for being awesome?

How about giving them a fantastic kayaking gift voucher! This is a top present for someone who is going to holiday in the Batemans Bay area. Perfect for anyone coming down from Canberra or Sydney for a weekend or school holidays.

First Decide…

Purchasing a Kayaking Gift Voucher is easy. Simply decide on what vessel you think they’d like (either a kayak or canoe). Then decide on how long to go kayaking for. We recommend at least 2 hours for the best experience on the Clyde River. If you are feeling really generous, and they want the ultimate paddling experience, how about gifting them our special ‘Bridge to Bridge Adventure’?

Then Purchase!

Then either give us a call on 0436 016 856 or send an email to paddle@nelligenkayakhire.com.au and we’ll set up the gift voucher for you. Payment can be made over the phone or on the day of using the voucher. We’ll email you a voucher complete with the recipient’s name so that you can have a physical gift to present to them. 

Note that voucher will have 12 months’ validity and will need to have the day of use confirmed in advance.