Kayaking at Christmas in NelligenChristmas is a great time for getting the family together in one place, and delicious mountains of food, and presents, but what is really fun is going for a kayak along the Clyde River.

Obviously it’s not going to happen on Xmas day itself because of food. On Boxing Day, when the Nelligen Kayak Hire tent opened up for the NSW school holidays, I coaxed Mum into a kayak and went for a paddle downstream. It was a beautiful day with only a slight wind that didn’t make the kayaking harder, rather it added a nice breeze to the heat. The Clyde River water is warm – surprisingly much warmer than the beach! Mum really got into the groove and wanted to paddle all the way into Batemans Bay but we weren’t quite yet kayak fit so we decided to save energy and turned around.

Afterwards we went for a necessary coffee and chips at the Nelligen cafe. Sitting out and looking at the river was a big ‘how’s the serenity’ moment. Although to be honest, the view is even nicer from the water. It’s very peaceful here and I’m definitely telling my friends that when they’re in Batemans Bay, one of the top activities to do is to hire a kayak from Nelligen Kayak Hire.